Your product with ML.

Object Detection, Recommendation Engine, NLP... use any machine learning model.


Its not just Build vs. Buy

Better orchestration of machine learning

We understand the temptation to build your own ML pipeline. But having familiarity with the tools of ML is not the same as having the expertise to manage, scale, and monitor them for business level needs and responsiveness. Buying a black box or ‘auto’ data science solution rarely makes sense, as you need to understand what powers your business. Skafos offers a better way; orchestration of the tools you already use (your data sources, code, preferred frameworks, etc.), speeding up the time to market, providing the required monitoring, and easily scaling your ML pipelines. Don’t spend 6-12 months reinventing the ML-wheel.


The hidden cost of running Machine Learning

You’ve hired a team of data scientists. They have models ready to go. But the time it takes to get the right infrastructure in place has introduced unexpected delays and costs. Skafos machine learning platform orchestrates the infrastructure, like Spark or storage, that your data science and engineering teams need, at a flat price. Our platform intelligently manages resources, only provisioning them when needed. Eliminate the costs of idle infrastructure and the most common delays for getting ML into production.

Machine learning pioneers run on Skafos.


Delivery means realizing your model's full value.

Data Scientist

Deliver Machine Learning with confidence.


Break Down Barriers

There is an emerging machine learning operations lifecycle. To effectively serve data scientists as they bring their insights to life, we provide the platform that facilitates maximum collaboration and cooperation between data scientists, engineers, and business analysts.

Optimize Speed to Market

Data scientists succeed when they provide an optimal return on investment and gain data insights instantaneously. It’s imperative that data scientists have access to production scale cloud-based infrastructure and optimize their speed to market in every way possible.

Deliver Real-Time Insights

Data science must be a real-time endeavor to achieve its full potential, and as such our platform delivers real-time insights through live job monitoring and alerts, to ensure our customers have the maximum confidence & visibility when implementing their data science initiatives.

Wired’s December 2018 cover “Less Artificial, More Intelligent,” and its bold subtitle, “A.I. is already changing everything.” makes crystal clear that artificial intelligence and machine learning are no longer theoretical. How does this reconcile with our experiences as a machine learning delivery software startup-business? ...
by Saul Yeaton
One thing I’ve heard from people trying to figure out how to make better use of their machine learning at scale is “we’ll just build it ourselves.” Certainly, you can build it yourself, but should you? Let’s find out ...
by Jeremy Tregunna


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