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Use Case: Advertising Optimization

Goal: Optimize advertising spending, improve cost-per-lead

Data + Analytics + Expertise = Results

Requirements: A top tier legal advertising agency is interested in improving advertising placements, and scaling a program to roll out nationally in new markets. Validate machine learning models for advertising spend optimizing and spot optimization.

Challenges: Direct ad-buyer model is the norm: costly, based solely on historic experience, not predictive. Ready for augmentation by ML.

Combining internal legacy data + complex external data feeds into a unified decision-quality dashboard for real-time, high impact business strategy was going to take months and disrupt core operations.

Solution: Machine Learning is ideal for rapidly identifying cost-efficient advertisement placement. Combining Skafos Machine Learning Platform, Microsoft PowerBI, and Jump Start Services expertise, the customer reduced errors and sped up first production deployment, securing critical stakeholder support.

Jump Start Services Delivered Results

  • 6 weeks to launch 2 production models
  • <$50K investment and achieved with existing staff (saving $500k+/year)
  • Core decisions enabled by daily predictive analytics routed directly to analyst dashboards
  • Models leverage new data sources that allow for optimized cost-per-lead
  • Predicting tomorrow’s leads for both quantity and quality
  • A reproducible market-agnostic modeling expertise now in the hands of their staff that will allow for national expansion


Our ML Jump Start services are designed to help you gain quick insights and value from machine learning so your first effort has a lasting impact where it counts–your business. Leverage our expertise and give your team a head start so that cycles are not spent re-learning the mistakes others have already made. If you think that is worth setting up a 15 min call, get in touch.


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