What would you build if your model wouldn’t break?

Your code and your workflow.
Our platform.

Skafos is a platform that elevates your Machine Learning (ML) workflow from proof-of-concept to operations. No more “it works on my machine” and not in production. Seamlessly deploy, manage, monitor, and integrate models into your applications and products.

Bridge the gap between building a model and realizing its full value.

Skafos is the platform that holds it all together

A simple git push is all it takes. Seriously. Start running your first project in seconds! Metis Machine takes care of the heavy lifting, so you can focus on the stuff that matters.

Our Data Engine is your data access solution

One of the biggest challenges in building and deploying Machine Learning pipelines is data access. Data often must be connected across multiple siloed data stores, combined, and ingested to be be valuable for model development. Moreover, intermediate data access and persistence is often needed throughout the model deployment process.

The Skafos Data Engine solves many of these challenges:

  • Elimination of extensive database configuration
  • Automatic provisioning of data store that can be used in both model development and production.

Orchestration for frictionless delivery

Machine learning and deep learning are a series of events that need to execute reliably to ensure predictive insights are correct.

Skafos orchestrates your jobs seamlessly, guaranteeing they will run.

  • Seamlessly tie processes in production
  • Eliminated configurations of clusters, building scripts, or batch files: focus on building your model, not resource configuration

Monitoring and alerting

The best systems require robust logging and analytics. Live views into your jobs and workflows give you and your team full visibility to what is happening, always and across the entire system.

  • Unified system and model performance view
  • Historical monitoring to assess model performance and drift over time
  • Define and track any model metric you want with a simple function call

Continue to use the frameworks and tools you and your team love.

Skafos manages dependencies and handles complex system configurations so you don’t have to. Now that you know you can build anything, what will it be?