Deploy Machine Learning with confidence.

Serverless, Scalable, Safe.

Skafos is the machine learning platform that enables teams of data scientists to drastically speed up the time to market by providing tools and workflows that are familiar and easy. Serverless ML production deployment is as simple as “git push.”

Remove the fragility from ML deployment and management.

Skafos is the platform that holds it all together

Skafos transforms both your new and existing code into a containerized Job that is securely deployed on our platform. Run a single monolithic job or a series of jobs as micro services representing your data science workflow. Connect your existing data sources through our SDK. Power up your jobs with industry standard frameworks and your  data streams.

So quit worrying about infrastructure and go for it. We’ve got your back.

Our Data Engine is your data access solution

One of the biggest challenges in building and deploying Machine Learning pipelines is data access. Data often must be connected across multiple siloed data stores, combined, and ingested to be valuable for model development. Moreover, common data access and persistence is often needed throughout the model deployment process.

The Skafos Data Engine solves many of these challenges:

  • Controlled data access that eliminates significant load on operational data stores.
  • No need to provision a separate data store for the data science team.
  • Provides seamless access to a Spark Cluster, powering your Data Engine calls.

Orchestration for frictionless delivery

Machine learning and deep learning are a series of events that need to execute reliably to ensure predictive insights are correct.

Skafos orchestrates your jobs seamlessly, guaranteeing they will run.

  • Easy configuration: simple resource allocation, dependency management and serial & parallel processing support.
  • Single configuration .yaml  file that is easy to use and configure. No need to figure out or recode fragile data scientist workflows. 
  • No need to setup and configure infrastructure for a piece of the pipeline. Unified environment for disparate processes.

Monitoring and alerting

Monitoring your active Deployments is vital for delivering business value and staying ahead of potential problems. Live views into your jobs and workflows give you and your team full visibility to what is happening, always and across the entire system.

  • Simplified job failure analysis
  • Logs are linked to system CPU and memory usage, making it easy to track down any bugs or errors
  • No complex setup

Give your Data Science team the platform to build, train, deploy and monitor their models independently.

Skafos handles the tedious and time-consuming work of applying Machine Learning at scale so you can focus on what you do best. Take data science operationalization off your plate and give your teams the tools they need to get their job done.