Love hot air balloon rides and wish to get a fantastic experience of Hot Air Ballooning in Dubai? Read this blog to know more.

Consider a hot air balloon flight if you want an unforgettable experience. These hot air balloons will steal your breath away from the stunning scenery of vibrant cityscapes and beaches of Dubai. Hot air ballooning is no doubt one of the most unique and special events you should have in your life. It is also an excellent way to see the world from a new perspective while soaring high in the beautiful sky. Through this amazing joy ride, you can see your favorite sites and monuments with vibrant sky from a great height. Continue reading this blog to learn more about Hot Air Ballooning in Dubai.

Highlights of Dubai hot air balloon

There are some amazing aspects of Hot Air Ballooning in Dubai. Here are some of the highlights of Dubai Hot Air Balloon:

  • During a hot air balloon journey, take in the spectacular sunrise views over Dubai’s clear skies.
  • Admire the stunning Dubai cityscape above as you soar over the Arabian Desert.
  • Use hotel transfers in Dubai to have a pleasant and convenient experience.
  • While in the balloon, you can take photos with the Peregrine Falcon.
  • At over 4,000 feet in the air, you can see a range of local wildlife, including camels and wild gazelles.

The Al Wadi Desert

Action Flight’s hot air balloon ride in Ras Al Khaimah lasts 60 minutes and can have up to 20 passengers. Sunrises from the desert sands and the Hajar Mountains are some of the aspects which you should not miss. Passengers will experience a truly unforgettable bird’s eye view of Ras Al Khaimah’s breathtaking scenery and majestic wildlife through this hot-air booking ride.

In terms of pricing, Tickets are priced at Dh1,315 for adults and Dh1,155 for children. For those seeking a more intimate experience, private bookings are also offered to enjoy privacy with your family or a romantic date with your partner. 

Palm Jumeirah

The balloon reaches a height of 300 meters (1,000 feet) and provides an aerial perspective of Palm Jumeirah. The Dubai Balloon ride lasts about 10 minutes, and after landing, guests are brought to a lounge with an ocean view. The store also sells hoodies, hats, mugs, and other mementos. There is a standard adult ticket price of Dh175 and a child pass price of Dh75. It offers free entry for children below three years of age. Dubai Balloon offers priority tickets for Dh275 for adults and Dh125 for children for those who wish to skip the line. The lounge also offers complimentary soft drinks, coffee, or tea.


Hot Air Ballooning is new fun in dubai and offers a charismatic and thrilling experience to all adventure lovers. If you love to ride in the sky of dubai while watching the amazing beaches and skyline with tall buildings, this is a perfect experience that you should not miss. So why not book a hot air balloon next time you visit dubai?