This is what industrial machine learning looks like.

Customers succeed with Skafos.

Metis Machine’s team of data scientists and machine learning experts partners with companies who know ML gives them a competitive advantage.

Use Case: Power Usage Prediction

Goal: Take Power over your Energy Spending

Data + Analytics + Expertise = Results

Power bills can be 10s or 100s of thousands of dollars monthly. In one case we had a customer with daily bills spiking above 10K for a single day. Instead of moving them to expensive batteries and energy alternatives (solar etc), Metis Machine delivered a very cost-effective solution.

Using a combination of production plans, energy prices and variable power rate schedules, a cost predictor was delivered which allowed variable production planning resulting in massive savings.

Bottom line, a power bill predictor leads to better understanding of key drivers of expense, savings opportunities and a lower power bill within the first month of use.


Our ML Jump Start services are designed to help you gain quick insights and value from machine learning so your first effort has a lasting impact where it counts–your business. Leverage our expertise and give your team a head start so that cycles are not spent re-learning the mistakes others have already made. If you think that is worth setting up a 15 min call, get in touch.


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