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Whether you want to power your app with a recommendation engine, or modernize your organization’s ability to detect fraud, Skafos gives you the power to deliver machine learning at scale for a flat fee. Start a 14 day free trial, request a demo or sign up today.

$25 month/user
  • up to 2 users
    3 projects
  • Zero setup, Dashboard, CLI & SDK Logging, System Monitoring Model Monitoring, API, Data Engine
  • Documentation
  • Hosted
Free Trial
$250 month/user
  • up to 10 users
    10 projects
  • Start-up +
    Parallelization, Queue
    Auto-scaling, Spark Cluster
  • On-boarding
    Kick-off training session
  • Hosted
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  • Unlimited user, projects and organizations
  • Professional +
    Service Level Agreement
    GPU support
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager & Data Science team model integration support
  • Hosted or Private Cloud
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You are a start-up that’s ready to start delivering machine learning. You need a platform. Discover the power of Skafos within minutes using starter examples or bring your own models. You would rather read documentation and search forums than call support.


Your data science team is heads down and it needs to collaborate and deliver machine learning models to support your business. Your ITOps and DevOps teams are already stretched thin. We get it. This is where performance and speed matters, so you may require a Spark cluster, queuing and parallelization. You want some training to ensure a quick and successful on-boarding.


Your models are mission-critical and require an SLA. You need a platform with the horsepower to meet your big data demands and/or direct integration into your local data stores. You have multiple models, but more importantly you have different teams involved, and you want to be able to foster collaboration while managing access, tracking model versioning, and monitoring for effectiveness. You’d like assistance integrating your existing models and want your organization to have access to a dedicated customer success manager whenever anyone needs help.