This is what retail machine learning looks like.

Customers succeed with Skafos.

Metis Machine’s team of data scientists and machine learning experts partners with companies who know ML gives them a competitive advantage.

Use Case: Customer Segmentation

You have buyers… can you find more?

Data + Analytics + Expertise = Results

What do you know about your customers? How do you leverage similarities in interests, buying behaviors, or demographics? And even more critical, how do you maintain real-time tracking on new customers and prospects?


Technology… machine learning is a great weapon

Machine learning provides the ideal approach to this problem. By taking all historical customer data, segmenting buyers, machine learning can reveal segments that might just change how you allocate your 2019 marketing budget. Buying histories + behavior patterns bring hidden insights to life.


Immediate payback

Bottom line, our experience suggests we can help you find the right targets immediately, within the first month of use.  


Let’s talk

Our ML Jump Start services are designed to help you gain quick insights and value from machine learning so your first effort has a lasting impact where it counts–your business. Leverage our expertise and give your team a head start so that cycles are not spent re-learning the mistakes others have already made. If you think that is worth setting up a 15 min call, get in touch.


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