Jump Start Machine Learning

Ready for ML? We can help. 

Interested in getting started with machine learning, or have a business problem you want to tackle with ML? Our experts can give you confidence that you won’t spend needless cycles just figuring it all out.

ML Jump Start services are designed to help you gain quick insights and business value from machine learning. Our expert team of data scientists, software engineers, and devops engineers will partner with you to identify, initiate, and deliver a successful machine learning project to production leveraging our powerful platform, Skafos. Let’s ensure your first effort has a lasting impact on your business.

Leverage ML expertise like these leaders:

1-Day Workshop

Ready to develop a Machine Learning strategic plan? A 1-Day Workshop with hands-on experience deploying ML models can be tailored to your organization’s specific needs, and typically covers:

  • Introduction to Operationalization of ML.
  • Hands-on Training and Tutorials: Build and deploy example ML using Skafos.
  • Brainstorming and Discovery: How is ML currently used at the organization? What are the goals and pain points? Identify potential test projects.
  • Next Steps: Create a plan to accelerate ML operationalization.

By the time the day is over, attendees should have the knowledge needed to assess the value of ML delivery and experiment with the Skafos platform. The brainstorming and discovery sessions focus on:

  • Specific predictive models
  • Technical considerations
  • Business impact and value

60-Day Engagement

You are ready to use Machine Learning on an identified project, and leveraging our team of experts to get a model into production is ideal for speed-to-market. Our 60-Day Engagement is designed to take your team from idea to product. Your team will then have the expertise to expand to further applications. We’ll help your team tackle machine learning / deep learning deployment and automation, streamlining key steps in the process, including:

  • ETL optimization for ML: Data ingestion, Data cleansing, and feature engineering
  • Model selection
  • Model training
  • Model scoring
  • Data updates and export
  • Deploying models to Production
  • Best practices for monitoring model health
  • Seamless model updates and scaling
  • Integration with business analyst tools

We’ll provide full onboarding to Skafos, Metis Machine’s ML continuous deployment platform to ensure these steps are documented, repeatable, scalable, and optimized. We even cover the infrastructure costs and complexities – regardless of computing intensity.

If you want to accelerate your model development and predictive analytics capabilities, partnering with our team will ensure success.

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