Make Your Data Ready for Machine Learning

December 19, 2018

Before you can get started with Machine Learning, you need to look at your data. Because not just any data will work. For machine learning you need clean, purpose-built data. Unfortunately, most of the time you’re dealing with legacy data in legacy systems, neither of which were architected with ML in mind. You will almost […]

ML Model Monitoring Best Practices

November 15, 2018

Thursday, November 15th, 2018 Data scientists often spend a significant amount of time building and refining sophisticated predictive models, but this is just the beginning. In order to know if a machine learning model is useful, you need to see how it behaves in the real world. The ultimate goal of a predictive model is […]

Skafos Tableau Extension

October 11, 2018

Give your BI team the power of Machine Learning. Metis Machine knows breaking down barriers can have big impacts for your business. We too often see Data Science teams operating in a silo, disconnected from where real-time business decisions are being made. We have an integration between our powerful machine learning platform Skafos, and the […]