Skafos Tableau Extension

Give your BI team the power of Machine Learning.

Metis Machine knows breaking down barriers can have big impacts for your business. We too often see Data Science teams operating in a silo, disconnected from where real-time business decisions are being made. We have an integration between our powerful machine learning platform Skafos, and the business intelligence software Tableau so BI teams can now interact with the machine learning models used by your data science teams.

Does that sound awesome? It is.

Join us for a webinar to walk through our extension and see just how simple updating existing machine learning models can be. We’ll demonstrate a real time use case for empowering your BI team to modify machine learning models independently and immediately see the results, right from Tableau. No coding needing.

You have to see it to believe it. Check out the video below to see what Skafos + Tableau can do.